Stock Name Div+ RSI PE Yield Div Days Ratio Close After Pre Earn Short
BPyahoo finance BP p.l.c.   67.44RSI 20.63P/E 5.76%dividend yield 0.31dividend amount 69days to ex-dividend payout ratio 21.41market close 0.02aftermarket -0.44premarket  0.24%% shorted
Tyahoo finance AT&T Inc. Dividend aristocrat 57.54RSI 16.66 *P/E 7.78% *dividend yield 0.52dividend amount 41days to ex-dividend 126.22% *payout ratio 28.99market close 0.04aftermarket 0.08premarket  1.67% *% shorted
WDCyahoo finance Western Digital Corporation   67.67RSI *P/E *dividend yield ? *payout ratio 45.26market close 0.14aftermarket 0.19premarket  3.46% *% shorted
CCLyahoo finance Carnival Corporation   68.48RSI 5.99P/E dividend yield ? payout ratio 20.65market close 0.09aftermarket 0.39premarket 20days to next earnings report 8.24%% shorted
INTCyahoo finance Intel Corporation   54.21RSI 8.96P/E 2.81%dividend yield 0.33dividend amount 69days to ex-dividend 25.64%payout ratio 47.05market close 0.02aftermarket 0.28premarket  1.79%% shorted
Fyahoo finance Ford Motor Company   65.09RSI P/E dividend yield ? payout ratio 9.08market close 0.04aftermarket 0.01premarket  2.29%% shorted
AALyahoo finance American Airlines Group, Inc.   71.69RSI 2.81P/E dividend yield ? payout ratio 14.94market close -0.07aftermarket 0.17premarket  23.44%% shorted
AAPLyahoo finance Apple Inc.   50.85RSI 33.72P/E 0.71%dividend yield 0.20dividend amount 70days to ex-dividend 24.24%payout ratio 116.03market close 0.23aftermarket 0.83premarket  0.52%% shorted
ABBVyahoo finance AbbVie Inc. Dividend aristocrat 76.78RSI 21.03P/E 4.99%dividend yield 1.30dividend amount 47days to ex-dividend 99.35%payout ratio 104.20market close 0.00aftermarket 0.50premarket  0.79%% shorted
ALKyahoo finance Alaska Air Group, Inc.   69.43RSI 83.02P/E dividend yield ? payout ratio 52.47market close 0.51aftermarket 0.53premarket  3.19%% shorted
AMDyahoo finance Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.   60.16RSI 114.96P/E dividend yield payout ratio 86.71market close 0.05aftermarket 1.06premarket  5.00%% shorted
AMZNyahoo finance, Inc.   54.26RSI 90.63P/E dividend yield payout ratio 3185.07market close 2.10aftermarket 33.34premarket  0.61%% shorted
AVGOyahoo finance Broadcom Inc.   67.06RSI 73.14P/E 3.33%dividend yield 3.25dividend amount 24days to ex-dividend 232.06%payout ratio 390.83market close -0.45aftermarket 2.12premarket 12days to next earnings report 0.86%% shorted
AWKyahoo finance American Water Works   44.81RSI 41.95P/E 1.44%dividend yield 0.55dividend amount 73days to ex-dividend 57.53%payout ratio 153.13market close 0.00aftermarket 0.87premarket  0.85%% shorted
BAyahoo finance Boeing Company   69.03RSI P/E dividend yield ? payout ratio 217.61market close 0.29aftermarket 0.79premarket  2.20%% shorted
BABAyahoo finance Alibaba Group Holding Limited   48.13RSI 38.04P/E dividend yield payout ratio 277.72market close -0.02aftermarket 1.78premarket  1.58%% shorted
BACyahoo finance Bank of America Corporation   68.43RSI 14.37P/E 2.48%dividend yield 0.18dividend amount 5days to ex-dividend 35.64%payout ratio 29.03market close 0.06aftermarket -0.08premarket 53days to next earnings report 0.81%% shorted
BUDyahoo finance Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA   66.74RSI 9.87P/E 2.11%dividend yield ? payout ratio 67.99market close 0.00aftermarket 0.16premarket  0.25%% shorted
Cyahoo finance Citigroup Inc.   78.05RSI 10.09P/E 3.58%dividend yield 0.51dividend amount 63days to ex-dividend 39.84%payout ratio 57.06market close 0.08aftermarket -0.16premarket 45days to next earnings report 1.17%% shorted
CATyahoo finance Caterpillar, Inc. Dividend aristocrat 59.91RSI 29.29P/E 2.36%dividend yield 1.03dividend amount 56days to ex-dividend 68.21%payout ratio 174.63market close 0.12aftermarket 0.87premarket  1.35%% shorted
CLyahoo finance Colgate-Palmolive Company Dividend aristocrat 60.61RSI 27.08P/E 2.08%dividend yield 0.44dividend amount 55days to ex-dividend 55.59%payout ratio 84.75market close 0.00aftermarket 0.22premarket  1.10%% shorted
CSCOyahoo finance Cisco Systems, Inc.   67.83RSI 17.21P/E 3.39%dividend yield 0.36dividend amount 34days to ex-dividend 57.89%payout ratio 42.50market close 0.15aftermarket 0.50premarket  0.94%% shorted
CVSyahoo finance CVS Health Corporation   58.82RSI 11.04P/E 2.96%dividend yield 0.50dividend amount 54days to ex-dividend 33.06%payout ratio 67.63market close 0.07aftermarket 0.31premarket  1.29%% shorted
CVXyahoo finance Chevron Corporation Dividend aristocrat 65.02RSI 43.77P/E 5.60%dividend yield 1.29dividend amount 81days to ex-dividend payout ratio 92.14market close 0.35aftermarket -0.55premarket  0.77%% shorted
Dyahoo finance Dominion Energy, Inc.   37.87RSI 29.74P/E 3.17%dividend yield 0.63dividend amount 5days to ex-dividend 139.98%payout ratio 79.41market close 0.09aftermarket -0.20premarket  1.46%% shorted
DALyahoo finance Delta Air Lines, Inc.   69.67RSI 4.86P/E dividend yield ? payout ratio 41.29market close 0.06aftermarket 0.37premarket 45days to next earnings report 1.61%% shorted
DEyahoo finance Deere & Company   64.20RSI 30.48P/E 1.19%dividend yield 0.76dividend amount 32days to ex-dividend 35.43%payout ratio 256.43market close 0.13aftermarket 0.27premarket  0.65%% shorted
DUKyahoo finance Duke Energy Corporation   53.01RSI 34.66P/E 4.01%dividend yield 0.96dividend amount 76days to ex-dividend 138.69%payout ratio 96.15market close 0.09aftermarket -0.45premarket  4.78%% shorted
EXPEyahoo finance Expedia Group, Inc.   63.65RSI 14.99P/E dividend yield ? payout ratio 123.18market close 0.92aftermarket 0.02premarket  11.06%% shorted
FByahoo finance Facebook, Inc.   53.04RSI 30.72P/E dividend yield payout ratio 275.59market close 0.44aftermarket 2.46premarket  0.91%% shorted
FDXyahoo finance FedEx Corporation   59.03RSI 42.52P/E 0.90%dividend yield 0.65dividend amount 13days to ex-dividend 38.35%payout ratio 288.30market close 0.25aftermarket 1.90premarket 19days to next earnings report 1.14%% shorted
FOXAyahoo finance Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc.   61.89RSI 11.12P/E 1.57%dividend yield 0.12dividend amount 4days to ex-dividend 17.36%payout ratio 29.30market close -0.20aftermarket -0.05premarket  6.39%% shorted
GDyahoo finance General Dynamics Corporation Dividend aristocrat 59.95RSI 13.78P/E dividend yield dividend amount 41days to ex-dividend payout ratio 152.04market close 0.00aftermarket 0.18premarket  % shorted
GEyahoo finance General Electric Company   82.28RSI 26.92P/E 0.38%dividend yield 0.01dividend amount 28days to ex-dividend 10.26%payout ratio 10.50market close 0.01aftermarket 0.07premarket  0.97%% shorted
GMyahoo finance General Motors Company   73.11RSI 20.39P/E dividend yield ? 34.08%payout ratio 45.46market close 0.17aftermarket 0.04premarket  1.80%% shorted
GOOGLyahoo finance Alphabet Inc.   64.35RSI 34.11P/E dividend yield payout ratio 1764.13market close 5.96aftermarket 7.87premarket  0.47%% shorted
GRMNyahoo finance Garmin Ltd.   72.13RSI 21.83P/E 2.10%dividend yield 0.61dividend amount 17days to ex-dividend 44.28%payout ratio 116.37market close 0.13aftermarket -0.37premarket  1.07%% shorted
GSKyahoo finance GlaxoSmithKline PLC   50.41RSI 11.05P/E 5.45%dividend yield 0.51dividend amount 76days to ex-dividend 62.54%payout ratio 37.23market close 0.10aftermarket -0.31premarket  0.55%% shorted
HDyahoo finance Home Depot, Inc.   49.21RSI 23.32P/E 2.19%dividend yield 1.50dividend amount 4days to ex-dividend 50.65%payout ratio 273.96market close 0.49aftermarket 1.04premarket  0.65%% shorted
HONyahoo finance Honeywell International Inc.   70.14RSI 28.92P/E 1.79%dividend yield 0.93dividend amount 76days to ex-dividend 51.65%payout ratio 207.68market close 0.32aftermarket 0.96premarket  0.76%% shorted
HSBCyahoo finance HSBC Holdings plc   73.18RSI 25.29P/E dividend yield ? payout ratio 26.75market close 0.05aftermarket 0.15premarket  0.30%% shorted
JCPyahoo finance J.C. Penney Company   39.84 *RSI *P/E *dividend yield *payout ratio 0.18market close     *% shorted
JNJyahoo finance Johnson & Johnson Dividend aristocrat 45.25RSI 22.69 *P/E 2.81% *dividend yield 1.01dividend amount 87days to ex-dividend 61.64% *payout ratio 143.68market close 0.44aftermarket 0.79premarket  0.43% *% shorted
KHCyahoo finance The Kraft Heinz Company   57.58RSI 22.23 *P/E 5.00% *dividend yield 0.40dividend amount 89days to ex-dividend *payout ratio 32.54market close 0.05aftermarket 0.16premarket  1.68% *% shorted
KOyahoo finance Coca-Cola Company Dividend aristocrat 57.22RSI 23.60 *P/E 3.28% *dividend yield 0.41dividend amount 2days to ex-dividend 76.42% *payout ratio 52.93market close 0.13aftermarket 0.12premarket  0.45% *% shorted
LEVIyahoo finance Levi Strauss & Co   67.98RSI *P/E 2.24% *dividend yield ? 23.71% *payout ratio 19.49market close 0.00aftermarket 0.31premarket  1.98% *% shorted
LMTyahoo finance Lockheed Martin Corporation   51.05RSI 16.31 *P/E 2.83% *dividend yield 2.60dividend amount 2days to ex-dividend 41.01% *payout ratio 378.34market close 2.43aftermarket 0.76premarket  0.94% *% shorted
LRCXyahoo finance Lam Research Corporation   73.51RSI 24.17 *P/E 1.42% *dividend yield 1.30dividend amount 10days to ex-dividend 30.46% *payout ratio 446.78market close 0.72aftermarket 3.42premarket  2.90% *% shorted
LUVyahoo finance Southwest Airlines Company   67.27RSI 116.71 *P/E *dividend yield ? 158.82% *payout ratio 48.27market close 0.23aftermarket 0.18premarket  3.26% *% shorted
Myahoo finance Macy's Inc   76.75RSI 3.24 *P/E *dividend yield ? *payout ratio 11.00market close 0.04aftermarket -0.11premarket  40.06% *% shorted
MCDyahoo finance McDonald's Corporation Dividend aristocrat 51.05RSI 36.35 *P/E 2.26% *dividend yield 1.29dividend amount 2days to ex-dividend 77.81% *payout ratio 219.34market close 0.03aftermarket 0.66premarket  0.61% *% shorted
MMMyahoo finance 3M Company Dividend aristocrat 63.63RSI 19.41 *P/E 3.48% *dividend yield 1.47dividend amount 83days to ex-dividend 66.06% *payout ratio 177.12market close 0.25aftermarket 0.03premarket  0.98% *% shorted
MSFTyahoo finance Microsoft Corporation   53.51RSI 38.14 *P/E 1.04% *dividend yield 0.56dividend amount 82days to ex-dividend 34.55% *payout ratio 213.87market close 0.03aftermarket 1.23premarket  0.52% *% shorted
MUyahoo finance Micron Technology, Inc.   74.33RSI 21.78 *P/E *dividend yield *payout ratio 63.43market close 0.13aftermarket 0.43premarket 18days to next earnings report 2.53% *% shorted
NEEyahoo finance NextEra Energy, Inc.   48.96RSI 42.21 *P/E 1.88% *dividend yield 1.40dividend amount 89days to ex-dividend 68.54% *payout ratio 75.97market close -0.43aftermarket 0.33premarket  1.15% *% shorted
NFLXyahoo finance Netflix, Inc.   48.64RSI 88.75 *P/E *dividend yield *payout ratio 485.00market close -1.00aftermarket 0.71premarket 52days to next earnings report 2.14% *% shorted
NKEyahoo finance Nike, Inc.   63.01RSI 76.59 *P/E 0.76% *dividend yield 0.25dividend amount 6days to ex-dividend 57.99% *payout ratio 135.54market close 0.01aftermarket 0.43premarket 20days to next earnings report 0.60% *% shorted
NOCyahoo finance Northrop Grumman Corporation   46.82RSI 22.06 *P/E 1.88% *dividend yield 1.45dividend amount 0days to ex-dividend 37.91% *payout ratio 312.26market close 0.74aftermarket 1.74premarket  0.77% *% shorted
NUEyahoo finance Nucor Corporation Dividend aristocrat 62.12RSI 29.54 *P/E 3.32% *dividend yield 0.40dividend amount 32days to ex-dividend 96.26% *payout ratio 54.78market close 0.49aftermarket 1.21premarket  1.22% *% shorted
NVDAyahoo finance NVIDIA Corporation   50.38RSI 101.37 *P/E 0.12% *dividend yield 0.16dividend amount 5days to ex-dividend 11.74% *payout ratio 529.39market close -0.19aftermarket 3.62premarket  1.13% *% shorted
NVSyahoo finance Novartis AG   67.71RSI 27.32 *P/E 3.67% *dividend yield ? 98.32% *payout ratio 89.18market close 0.01aftermarket -0.02premarket  0.10% *% shorted
ORCLyahoo finance Oracle Corporation   54.23RSI 19.02 *P/E 1.61% *dividend yield 0.24dividend amount 40days to ex-dividend 30.28% *payout ratio 57.41market close 0.09aftermarket 0.19premarket 12days to next earnings report 0.77% *% shorted
PCGyahoo finance Pacific Gas & Electric Co.   73.63RSI *P/E *dividend yield ? *payout ratio 12.64market close -0.07aftermarket 0.01premarket  5.90% *% shorted
PEPyahoo finance Pepsico, Inc. Dividend aristocrat 62.74RSI 28.07 *P/E 2.93% *dividend yield 1.02dividend amount 5days to ex-dividend 78.32% *payout ratio 144.16market close 0.84aftermarket 0.46premarket  0.61% *% shorted
PFEyahoo finance Pfizer, Inc.   51.65RSI 14.94 *P/E 4.10% *dividend yield 0.38dividend amount 69days to ex-dividend 58.50% *payout ratio 36.53market close 0.00aftermarket 0.18premarket  0.81% *% shorted
PGyahoo finance Procter & Gamble Company Dividend aristocrat 43.32RSI 28.73 *P/E 2.21% *dividend yield 0.79dividend amount 55days to ex-dividend 58.76% *payout ratio 138.68market close 0.03aftermarket 0.02premarket  0.52% *% shorted
PHGyahoo finance Koninklijke Philips N.V.   55.90RSI 38.69 *P/E *dividend yield ? *payout ratio 50.75market close 0.00aftermarket 0.00premarket  0.12% *% shorted
PYPLyahoo finance PayPal Holdings, Inc.   61.90RSI 93.78 *P/E *dividend yield *payout ratio 214.46market close 0.99aftermarket -1.11premarket  1.47% *% shorted
QCOMyahoo finance QUALCOMM Incorporated   61.00RSI 54.44 *P/E 2.02% *dividend yield 0.65dividend amount 4days to ex-dividend 105.91% *payout ratio 144.08market close 0.59aftermarket 1.39premarket  1.37% *% shorted
RDS-Ayahoo finance Royal Dutch Shell PLC   73.85RSI 13.27 *P/E 5.16% *dividend yield 0.32dividend amount 76days to ex-dividend *payout ratio 36.34market close 0.26aftermarket 0.00premarket  0.22% *% shorted
RYyahoo finance Royal Bank Of Canada   82.37RSI 12.41 *P/E 4.43% *dividend yield 0.82dividend amount 56days to ex-dividend 54.76% *payout ratio 82.92market close 0.00aftermarket -0.08premarket 4days to next earnings report 0.35% *% shorted
RYAAYyahoo finance Ryanair Holdings plc   66.44RSI 73.22 *P/E *dividend yield ? *payout ratio 105.38market close 0.00aftermarket   0.87% *% shorted
SBUXyahoo finance Starbucks Corporation   67.12RSI 79.31 *P/E 2.04% *dividend yield 0.45dividend amount 74days to ex-dividend 141.96% *payout ratio 98.20market close 0.06aftermarket 0.21premarket  1.07% *% shorted
SIRIyahoo finance Sirius XM Holdings Inc.   67.95RSI 25.39 *P/E 1.01% *dividend yield 0.01dividend amount 69days to ex-dividend 22.62% *payout ratio 6.47market close 0.05aftermarket 0.03premarket  3.70% *% shorted
SNAPyahoo finance Snap Inc.   67.27RSI *P/E *dividend yield *payout ratio 45.56market close 0.03aftermarket 0.19premarket  4.27% *% shorted
SPRyahoo finance Spirit Aerosystems Holdings, Inc.   74.95RSI 10.09 *P/E 0.21% *dividend yield 0.01dividend amount 13days to ex-dividend *payout ratio 36.21market close -0.11aftermarket 0.09premarket  10.09% *% shorted
STMyahoo finance STMicroelectronics N.V.   73.70RSI 31.77 *P/E 0.49% *dividend yield 0.04dividend amount 16days to ex-dividend 20.56% *payout ratio 37.98market close 0.16aftermarket 1.43premarket  0.60% *% shorted
STXyahoo finance Seagate Technology PLC   74.74RSI 13.55 *P/E 5.03% *dividend yield 0.65dividend amount 24days to ex-dividend 68.07% *payout ratio 58.34market close -0.74aftermarket 1.41premarket  7.61% *% shorted
SWKyahoo finance Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. Dividend aristocrat 61.71RSI 33.66 *P/E 1.61% *dividend yield 0.70dividend amount 2days to ex-dividend 52.67% *payout ratio 186.40market close -0.33aftermarket -1.40premarket  2.14% *% shorted
TGTyahoo finance Target Corporation Dividend aristocrat 74.83RSI 23.95 *P/E 1.67% *dividend yield 0.68dividend amount 81days to ex-dividend 38.21% *payout ratio 179.82market close 0.38aftermarket 1.43premarket  1.75% *% shorted
TMUSyahoo finance T-Mobile US, Inc.   71.34RSI 44.69 *P/E *dividend yield ? *payout ratio 128.74market close -0.68aftermarket 0.25premarket  1.20% *% shorted
TSLAyahoo finance Tesla, Inc.   79.82RSI 1.06k *P/E *dividend yield *payout ratio 574.00market close 1.00aftermarket 7.60premarket  6.12% *% shorted
TXNyahoo finance Texas Instruments Incorporated   60.79RSI 28.30 *P/E 2.79% *dividend yield 1.02dividend amount 62days to ex-dividend 68.05% *payout ratio 157.60market close -0.34aftermarket 1.21premarket  1.47% *% shorted
UALyahoo finance United Continental Holdings, Inc.   70.43RSI 9.50 *P/E *dividend yield ? *payout ratio 45.64market close 0.00aftermarket 0.46premarket 52days to next earnings report 6.67% *% shorted
UNPyahoo finance Union Pacific Corporation   58.55RSI 25.94 *P/E 1.95% *dividend yield 0.97dividend amount 0days to ex-dividend 48.20% *payout ratio 207.24market close 0.75aftermarket -0.24premarket  0.57% *% shorted
UPSyahoo finance United Parcel Service, Inc.   52.07RSI 34.68 *P/E 2.34% *dividend yield 1.01dividend amount 76days to ex-dividend 78.33% *payout ratio 170.50market close 0.25aftermarket 1.99premarket  0.89% *% shorted
UTXyahoo finance United Technologies Corporation Dividend aristocrat 36.31 *RSI 43.18 *P/E *dividend yield *payout ratio 86.01market close -0.01aftermarket    *% shorted
VZyahoo finance Verizon Communications Inc.   59.11RSI 12.59 *P/E 4.42% *dividend yield 0.63dividend amount 41days to ex-dividend 55.94% *payout ratio 60.41market close 0.09aftermarket 0.09premarket  0.65% *% shorted
WBAyahoo finance Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. Dividend aristocrat 51.67RSI 71.94 *P/E 5.00% *dividend yield 0.47dividend amount 82days to ex-dividend 353.85% *payout ratio 39.07market close 0.11aftermarket 0.17premarket 46days to next earnings report 2.31% *% shorted
WMTyahoo finance Walmart Inc. Dividend aristocrat 61.98RSI 23.03 *P/E 1.50% *dividend yield 0.54dividend amount 12days to ex-dividend 34.13% *payout ratio 151.83market close 0.15aftermarket 1.06premarket  0.54% *% shorted
XOMyahoo finance Exxon Mobil Corporation Dividend aristocrat 61.20RSI 20.30 *P/E 10.49% *dividend yield 0.87dividend amount 74days to ex-dividend 207.14% *payout ratio 40.81market close 0.09aftermarket -0.13premarket  1.06% *% shorted